Introductory Groundrules
  1. Introductory Groundrules
  2. Contribute to the Advice Library
Basic Business
  1. Names / Registering And Keeping A Name
  2. Image and Imaging
  3. Logos / Trademarking Your Logo
  4. Case Study: Band Dynamics / Finding Musicians (and Keeping Them)
  5. Mailing Lists
  6. Networking
  7. Presentation Materials: Press Kits, Cover Letters, And Packaging
  8. Promotional Tools and Merchandise
  9. Case Study: Creative Promotional Tools
  10. Making Money as a Developing Artist
  11. Obtaining Sponsorship
  12. Analysis of an Internal Group Contract
  13. Sample Internal Band Agreement
The Art/Business Of Record Production
  1. Producing A Demo / Early Album
  2. The Producer: What's The Job Description?
  3. Production Services Agreement
  4. What Kind Of Producer Do You Want To Be?
  5. Production Difficulties And Pitfalls
  6. Success And Money
  7. Case Study: Recording Your Music
Booking Shows And Performance Marketing
  1. Booking Local / Club Shows
  2. Case Study: Increasing Club Draw
  3. Booking College Shows
  4. Case Study: Booking College Shows Without Using NACA
  5. College Performance Contract
  6. Booking Non-Traditional Shows And Events
  7. Booking Agents and National Touring
  8. Performance Marketing / Tour Support
  9. The Art of Showcasing
Maximum Exposure
  1. Marketing Overview
  2. Starting And Running A Marketing / Street Team
  3. Retail Marketing
  4. Press And Publicity
  5. Radio Promotion
  6. Chasing Radio Airplay
  7. Promotional Tours
  8. Music Videos And Video Promotion
  9. High School And College Marketing
  10. Lifestyle Marketing
  11. The Cross Promotion
  12. Film and Television Soundtracks
  13. Film and Television Soundtrack Placement
  14. South By Southwest and Industry Conferences/Festivals
Functions of a Record Label
  1. Introduction
  2. A&R
  3. Business Affairs
  4. Product Manager/Marketing Department
  5. Creative Services
  6. Publicity
  7. Promotion
  8. Sales and Distribution
  9. Artist Development or Tour Marketing
  10. Online Marketing
  11. Video Production and Promotion
  12. International
  13. Conclusion
Your Team: Management And Legal
  1. The Music Attorney
  2. Management
  3. Personal Management Contract Analysis
  4. Management Contract Form
  5. Tour Management
Getting Signed
  1. Record Label Analysis: Indies v Majors
  2. Demo Deals And Development Deals
  3. Form Demo/Development Deal
  4. A&R: Who Are These People?
Music Publishing and Copyrights
  1. Music Publishing and Copyrights
  2. The Publishing Deal
  3. Analysis Of a Single-Song Agreement
  4. Analysis of a Recording Contract
Music And The Internet
  1. Internet Introduction
  2. Promoting and Developing Your Career Using Peer to Peer Networks
  3. Creating Your Official Site
  4. Digital Audio Workshop
  5. Internet Conclusion
  6. E-Commerce: Selling Your Stuff Online
  7. Using Community Destinations (MySpace, Facebook and Others) Effectively and Creatively
  8. CyberMarketing And Promotion
  9. How I Use Twitter
The DJ and Electronic Realm
  1. A DJ's Guide to Self Promotion
  2. Promoting Your Productions
  3. How Much I'm Worth as a DJ
The Urban Music Business
  1. Copyrights And Music Publishing
  2. Getting Signed
  3. The Business Team
  4. Urban DIY (Do It Yourself)
  5. Final Words
Alternative Careers
  1. Film Scoring Deal Memo
  2. Film Scoring 101
  1. Stage Craft The Art of Creating an Effective Stage Presence
  2. Touring: A Personal Memoir
Working in the Business
  1. Breaking Into the Business
  1. Archives