Form Management Agreement
This form management agreement is provided for educational purposes only, to enhance your understanding of StarPolish's analysis of a Personal Management Contract. You should not use it-- or any other fill-in-the-blanks, template-style form-- as your actual management contract. All contracts should be uniquely tailored to reflect the specific needs and circumstances of the negotiating parties. Therefore, it is vital that each party seek the advice of an attorney experienced in the music industry to draft and negotiate the management agreement. AGREEMENT made and entered into as of _________________, 2000 by and between Management Company, Inc., (referred to hereinafter as "Manager") and _________________ and _____________________, professionally known as "___________________", c/o____________________________ (individually and collectively referred to hereinafter as "Artist"). WHEREAS, Artist desires to engage Manager to represent Artist and to render services to Artist as Artist's sole and exclusive personal manager, representative and advisor, throughout the world, in all of Artist's affairs in the entertainment industry; and WHEREAS, Manager desires to act in such capacity and to accept such engagement. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and mutual promises contained herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, the parties hereto agree as follows: 1. (a) Artist hereby engages Manager to be the sole and exclusive personal manager, representative and advisor, throughout the world, of Artist (and any company or corporation formed, owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by Artist) in all facets of Artist's careers in the entertainment industry. Artist shall immediately advise Manager of all offers of employment and of all inquiries concerning Artist's careers. (b) Manager hereby accepts such engagement and agrees to advise and counsel Artist regarding Artist's careers in the entertainment industry and to use its reasonable efforts to promote, develop and advance Artist's careers. Manager's services hereunder are not exclusive to Artist and Manager shall be permitted to perform the same or similar services for other artists or persons during the Term.
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