Chasing Radio Airplay
Chasing Radio Airplay
Are you a local artist? Looking for airplay on local radio? Looking for that big break and a record deal? Well, be prepared -- it's going to take hard work, perseverance and, most likely, an element of luck. The challenges for any band or artist to get airplay on local radio stations, and from there take the big step to a label deal and recording contract, are many and varied. The phenomenon of "local band makes it big" is almost always a process that takes years and a combination of talent, hard work, perseverance, and luck. The results, however, can be recognition, airplay, great sales, local radio support, and a major label deal.
Get Your Act Together
So how does a band or artist get themselves ready to approach local radio for airplay and support? Get your act together on as many levels as you can. Hone your skills as musicians and writers, and be sure to concentrate on your live performance. Your sound is the most important aspect of getting your act together. Your music should entertain your target audience, whoever that is. In addition, you will need to figure out how to explain to record companies -- in words they can understand -- how and why you reach your target audience -- and what that audience is Whatever style of music you adopt as a performer, make sure it relates to somebody. Obviously, the more people you relate to through your music, the better chance you'll have of generating bigger door receipts and selling more CDs. For rock bands or artists I have a simple rule: "Give 'em three chords and a cloud of dust!" -- and make it loud! Since I've already advised that presenting a complete package is essential, how you look is the next integral component. For more detailed information,see the Image and Imaging advice article. Don't try to be something you're not; be yourself, and let your stage presence grow from that. Your live performance is where you sell your songs. It's also where you'll have the most fun! Your stage show should reflect your energy and your ability to entertain your audience to exhaustion, if possible. Your choice of a manager is also crucial to your ability to promote yourselves.
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