The Art of Showcasing
Working in A&R, I have seen literally thousands of bands in the last several years (I actually tried counting the bands I had seen at one point to try and talk my boss into giving me a raise; no, it didn't work, but thanks for asking). Let me make an early disclaimer by saying that there is very little scientific about the showcasing process. This article is not meant to be a foolproof plan for how to get signed when you showcase; it is really just a collection of my experiences with what has worked or not worked for people in the past. The more I see what gets signed or what becomes a hit, the less I think I understand the record industry -- so believe me, even on the other side of the fence there is confusion and frustration with this crazy business that we've chosen for ourselves. That being said.these are the things I hope you'll be able to get out of this article:
  • What it is A&R people are looking for during a performance or a label showcase;
  • A checklist of things to accomplish that will have labels chasing you and not the other way around (If done right you can showcase on your own terms);
  • How to troubleshoot and make sure the showcases run smoothly;
  • And awareness of other factors that can influence the decision making process for A&R representative or other music business executives.

Getting Ready to Showcase/Getting Label Attention
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