Tour Management
Simply put, the Tour Manager (sometimes synonymously referred to as the Road Manager, although it should be mentioned that the two often co-exist in the same crew with different duties) is the bearer of all responsibility - other than entertainment - on the road.  I began as the first and only crewmember, and therefore took care of all aspects of the tour. This included finances, merchandise, routing, networking, communication, and representing the artist.  Similar to any other managerial position, I tried to run as efficient a tour as possible, keeping a daily schedule for everyone on the road, and keeping the road to success as smooth as possible.  It's all logistics and organization.  It was the most rewarding work I've ever done. I will outline the Tour Management section by first detailing the people with whom you will work, and the responsibilities that arise from those contacts.  Second, I'll outline a typical day of life on the road before concluding with some overall goals for successful Tour Management. Before we move on to the other sections, you may be wondering about who is responsible for paying a tour manager. There are essentially two scenarios when an artist needs a tour manager: 1) A band already has a tour manager when they sign with management. In this instance, the original tour manager may stay on, or the new manager might bring in their own person. 2) The band has no tour manager and the manager finds and hires one for them. When I became a tour manager, for example, there was already a manager. In addition to per diems, I received a salary. I was paid through management on a bi-weekly basis. In either case, the artist always foots the bill for the tour manager and any other tour related crew for that matter. If the band has a business manager, the business manager would pay the actual salary on behalf of the band. If there is no business manager, the band might pay the tour manager directly and in some circumstances, the manager might lay the money out for the tour manager if they are the ones that collect the band's revenue on their behalf.
External Relationships
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