Pre-Flight Training
The Groundrules
I. A Note on DIY ("Do It Yourself")
Before delving into StarPolish, we must ask you to be careful and be smart. Empower yourself with knowledge here and elsewhere, and do as much as you can yourself -- but know that there may come a time to seek direct, personalized advice and turn the reins over to more appropriate experts (like a manager, lawyer, booking agent, record label, other members of your business team). StarPolish will help you identify when that time has come and what's appropriate for you. Today, especially given new technological advancements, the opportunities for successful DIY are greater than ever. Services are easier to find, cheaper, and more user-friendly than they were yesterday. While StarPolish will help you advance your career further, "do it yourself" has its limits. If you're monitoring industry changes and handling all the business issues, you can't spend enough on your most important job as an artist: perfecting your art. Unfortunately, while we'll provide you with top-notch advice, services, and assistance from proven music industry experts and artists, there are no magic formulas that will guarantee you success (however you may define it). For more details, see terms and conditions of use.
II. This Business of Art
Somebody has to go polish the stars. They're looking a little bit dull. - Shel Silverstein We chose the name StarPolish because we believe that all artists are stars. But to make a career from your talent, you must attend to this art's business. We're here to polish your business skills and help you build a successful career from your talents. Inside StarPolish, you'll find comprehensive information and guidelines on how to manage this business. You won't find advice on how to write a hit song, or pointers on what makes an album a classic. While we are all music lovers and have our opinions on these issues, we feel that you are the expert on your own material. We're the experts on this business, and we have a great deal to offer. Because after all, somebody has to go polish the stars. Since we are so passionate about music, however, we feel the need to share a few basic opinions and simple suggestions to perfecting your art before you begin: 1.
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