Looking For Sponsorship?

Carolyn Ballen is the mastermind behind The Indie Music Forum -- a Music Business Education seminar for artists, managers and small record labels that are looking to understand and implement their own marketing and promotion efforts. The Indie Music Forum is supported by many proud sponsors, including StarPolish. In this section, Carolyn advises on how you can obtain specific sponsorship of an event (such as a show or a conference) or broader sponsorship of your act in general.

Whether you're in a band, organizing an event or fundraising for an organization, sponsors can offer you crucial financial and/or promotional support.

This is the key: If you have people coming out to your shows or to your event, you're attracting people that someone might want to market and promote to. Music fans are a "market segment" that offer value to a wide range of companies. If a ton of people are coming out to your shows, there might be a company out there tthat would be willing to cover all touring expenses for a year, or the cost of CD replication or a new wardrobe or all of it...

All of this often depends on how good a salesperson you are, and how many calls you make. It's a numbers game and persistence pays off. The more people you call the more comfortable you get with your technique and the higher your chances are that someone will say, "YES."

Remember, sales is another entity all of its own, there are about a million books written about it, also books on tape, which I love and you can probably get at your local library. You can also search around on the internet. I found some good tips at the following Web sites:

One thing that can help you if you don't have a velvet tongue is to let your materials do most of the talking. Create a sponsorship profile that is professional, explains the benefits that you can provide as well as providing important background information.

Creating Your Sponsorship Profile:
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