Production Services Agreement
Introduction The Production Services Agreement 1. Term/ Scope of Exclusivity 2. Record Agreement Shopping Services 3. Production Services/ Budgets   a. Work for hire 4. Guaranteed Future Production 5. Royalties and Advances   a. Producer Credit   b. Controlled Compositions 6. Override Royalties and Advances 7. Accounting 8. Other Record Agreements 9. Notices 10. Assignment 11. Integration 12. Union Provisions 13. Waiver & Amendment 14. Choice of Law/Venue 15. Independent Counsel Conclusion Form Production Services Agreement A Production Services Agreement is often the first contractual agreement an"unsigned" or "independent" artist may encounter in his musical career. This agreement can serve as the avenue for an artist to be discovered by a record label. Its benefits may also consist of much-needed resources for an artist to produce master or demonstration recordings.
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