The Art Of Record Production
Difficulties And Pitfalls

Richard James Burgess' book The Art Of Record Production is a must-read for anyone aspiring to be a record producer. It is also a must-read for artists, because it provides sound advice and an excellent analysis of the art (and business) of producing a recording. In this excerpt, Richard advises the aspiring producer on some of the most common problems that he or she will face during the recording process. OUTLINE: Studio Nightmares Serious Differences Of Opinion The Endless Album Lack Of Vision A) Panic Stations The Singer Can't Sing In Tune/Time B) The Band Can't Play In Tune/Time C) One Of The Musicians Is Screwing Up The Take Every Time D) You're Just Cruising Nicely Up To The End Of The Album Right On Budget And The Main Man Decides Half Of It's Crap
Studio Nightmares
Bad personality traits can become magnified by the enforced closeness of the studio. Add any amount of drugs and alcohol, sprinkle a little success on top and you have an explosive mixture. Always remember, things are never so bad that they can't get worse.
Serious Differences Of Opinion
Tony Visconti related a difficult time he experienced with The Boomtown Rats: "It was a nightmare. It was like a Stephen King novel - it starts out in an innocent little village somewhere. Then there's that little touch of evil that starts to grow..." Speaking about Bob Geldof he says, "He's difficult, and he knows it. He's a good performer, a great songwriter, but you have to keep him out of the mixing room. Apparently, he wants everything to sound very sizzley and trebley, so I used to mix a really fizzy top just for him. I used to put this glistening sound on the cymbals, and he loves to hear his sibilance, which was very hard to get on a vinyl record. Then I said, 'Bob, there's a limit.
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