Booking Agents and National Touring

I currently work in the Talent Department at the House Of Blues, but for many years I was an Agent at ICM, one of the world's largest Talent Agencies. They house offices in NYC (located at 40 West 57th Street, the heart of midtown) and Los Angeles (located at 8942 Wilshire Boulevard, the heart of Beverly Hills) and they also maintain several satellite offices all over the world. The booking business is divided into two separate and equal parts, the Promoters who purchase the Talent, and the Agents who sell the Acts. Here's how it all works.
Booking Agents: Armani Suits, Cell Phones, Fast Cars & Cigars
Who We Are Agents are part salesmen and part negotiators. We are young and old, black and white, male and female. When I would tell people what I do, their faces would light up: "Wow that's so're an Agent".then there is this long pause and they go on to ask, "What does an Agent do?" Well, I have been asked that question so many times, and I find the best way to describe what we do is to ask that person if they have seen the movie Jerry McGuire. If they have, then I say that's exactly what I do. We sit in our offices and yak on the telephone through our headsets until it's time to leave or until the day is done. (The headset is neither a perk nor a plus, but rather more of an essential as we spend so much time on the phone.) No two Agents are alike; everyone marches to the beat of his or her own drummer. The dress is extremely casual. You can wear whatever you want, and that includes jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. Most office spaces are pretty vibrant-- music playing, walls covered with gold and platinum records-- although they are not nearly as lush as what I have encountered at various record labels. Some of the perks associated with being an Agent include having an Assistant who acts as your first line of defense and is your liaison to the outside world. You maintain an expense account and travel frequently to see a new act or an existing client. I flew to LA on several occasions and attended Music Midtown in Atlanta, GA. (Not including the many NYC-area road trips). Outside of that there are the free CDs from Record Companies, and the ability to go to any show free of charge.
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