Marketing Overview

As soon as you exist somewhat in the public eye-- e.g. once you've started to play live shows or have released a CD-- it's time to start marketing your act to draw attention to yourself, your music, and your career. Or, from a more specific business standpoint, to help you sell CDs, draw people to your concerts, encourage radio stations to play your singles, get a press account to review your album, etc. A carefully designed and effectively executed marketing plan is essential for a developing artist, because successful marketing has two separate but connected results, both critical to career development:
  1. Broadening your fanbase by exposing your music to more people
  2. Generating excitement about you within the entertainment industry
In a less descriptive but often-used word, marketing creates a "buzz" around an artist. And once there is a buzz in place, it will be easier to open the doors and make the contacts required to pursue increasingly sophisticated aspects of your career (e.g. going on a national tour, getting a publishing deal, signing to a record label, etc.). At any given moment in your career, there should be a clearly defined marketing plan in place, even if this means shifting your marketing strategies often. Remember that "anti-marketing" or deciding to abandon one or more aspects of the marketing mix (like when Pearl Jam decided to stop making music videos and temporarily abandoned touring), is itself an important marketing decision.
The Marketing Mix
And what exactly is the "marketing mix"? Just as it sounds, a complete marketing plan is a mixture of various music-industry efforts, the most important of which are listed below, with links to their dedicated sections in StarPolish: Retail Marketing Radio Promotion Press and Publicity Video Promotion Performance Marketing / Tour Support High School / College Marketing Lifestyle / Nontraditional Marketing Using the Internet as a Marketing Tool There is no hierarchy in the marketing mix. In other words, radio isn't more important than retail, etc.
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