Radio Promotion

Many people will tell you that radio is king in the realm of music marketing: You'll never be a huge star without a radio hit; once you secure radio play, press and MTV will follow suit; a big tour will not be far off, etc. In many ways, this pattern holds true. However, it is worth noting that there are several examples of highly successful, long-lasting artists -- of all genres, from Fugazi to Phish -- who have never had a radio hit. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that radio can be integral in exposing a new artist to new fans and taking a local artist to a national level. Accordingly, it is extremely difficult to obtain meaningful airplay. Putting it bluntly, successful radio promotion revolves around making and managing relationships -- who you know and how you know them, making the right contacts, presenting the right pitch, and designing the best spin to convince a station that it should be playing your music. You should know before reading this section that radio promotion is an art that demands a certain style you may simply neither have nor desire to cultivate. On top of that, it can take a great deal of time to make all the contacts and connections that are required for successful radio promotion. So, while you should give promotion your best shot and take DIY (Do It Yourself) as far as you can by following the guidelines in StarPolish, you should also be aware that radio promotion is one area where before too long you will need to enroll the assistance of an "expert." That is, you will eventually need to either bring someone onto your business team other than your manager who is specifically responsible for radio promotion, hire an independent radio promotion company (often referred to as an "indie"), or ink a record deal with a label that has a good promotion department. But for now, there is still a great deal you can accomplish on your own.
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