High School And College Campus Marketing

High School and College-age folks are usually more willing to give new music a chance, and are open-minded enough to listen to artists they've never heard, artists who aren't being spoon-fed by mass-marketing mainstream channels. So-- especially when you're in your developing stages-- it's of critical importance not to forget the high school and college markets. These markets may be the first place you develop real fans who aren't friends and family. And remember that high-schoolers and college-age folks are usually the most passionate about their music. For them, liking a band is a way of life-- a manner of dressing, a worldview, and a defining characteristic. Tap your art into that passion.
Campuses represent an endless source of marketing opportunities, and the high school and college demographic represents a tremendous buying power. Unfortunately, big business recognizes these things, and as a result campuses are typically flooded with marketing campaigns and advertising messages from industries ranging from entertainment to bathroom products. To be truly successful at high school/college marketing, you will need to identify truly unusual, creative opportunities to promote your act. You should familiarize yourself with all the campuses in your market in order to identify high school and college marketing opportunities. If you're in high school or college, make all the appropriate contacts suggested in the rest of this section-- and keep them for later use once you graduate. If you're not in high school or college, try to make friends with students who can suggest marketing channels for you, or pick the brains of your friends' younger siblings who may be in high school/college, etc. The best way to get great campus marketing ideas is to start a marketing street team partially comprised of high school and college-age folks whose primary responsibility will be campus marketing. To reiterate, the best high school and college marketing is creative marketing, so you should design your own unique plans and cross-promotions, but here are a few basic suggestions and starting points:
1. Back-To-School And Orientation
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