Lifestyle Marketing

"Lifestyle marketing" implies the introduction of your music into another area of a person's life-- marketing that appeals to their activities, interests, and opinions. More specifically, it involves creative and unique promotions at non-music outlets-- "lifestyle accounts"-- such as coffeeshops, skateshops, clothing stores, smokeshops, tattoo parlors, nature shops, gyms, danceclubs, bars, etc. Lifestyle marketing is particularly effective because you can directly target a specific type of consumer who will most likely be a fan of your specific genre of music (e.g. punk music at the skateshops, Hippie-type jam bands at the smokeshops and headshops, etc.). The impact of lifestyle marketing cannot be over-emphasized. If you can connect your music with someone's day-to-day activities and interests, then you will accordingly have a fan for life. With that in mind, you should devote a solid portion of your marketing energies toward lifestyle marketing. Working with lifestyle accounts is sort of like a cross between retail marketing and sponsorship. It is similar to retail marketing in the type of work that you will need to do-- you will need to make the same contacts (i.e. both managers and clerks), you will need to maintain relationships with those contacts in the same way and with the same demeanor, your promotional pitches should be constructed similarly, and your opportunities and limitations with lifestyle accounts will be similar as with record stores. And it is similar to sponsorship in the things the accounts will expect from you-- that you will promote/advertise the account at your shows, on your flyers, on your website, or in other aspects of your marketing plan, and help them develop or solidify an image that they care about new music and up-and-coming artists.
What Should You Try To Accomplish With Lifestyle Marketing?
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