Film and Television Soundtrack Placement
Placing music in film and television is not as difficult or insurmountable as it seems. However, it does take a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are patient and consistent at sending music and making contacts with music supervisors, you should be able to get songs in independent films, television programs and studio features and it's even possible to make a living at it.
Your Package
Before we talk aboutwho to send your package to, let's talk about what it should look like. Make sure you put together a professional-looking package/demo -- no handwritten cover letters/notes, address labels or CD covers and jewel cases. If you have to tape the envelope, make it look neat, please! Don't EVER send cassette tapes, as they probably will be tossed aside since you can't easily skip through cues or songs (and quite frankly, cassettes are dated). It's easy and fairly inexpensive to put together an incredibly professional-looking CD package. There are many computer programs available at office supply stores and online that sell labeling software such as CD Stomper that comes with labels, jewel case covers and a little gizmo that helps place the labels onto the CD (which can be troublesome if you try without the little gizmo!). Personally, when I receive unsolicited CD's (which I don't like to begin with) from songwriters or composers that have a handwritten envelope, cover letters or spell my name wrong, I throw them out immediately. (This sounds harsh, but I don't have time for someone who isn't serious about how they promote themself.) If you can't take the time to put together a nice package, find another career. (Just my feeling.) Make sure to list the song/cue titles and your contact information on both the CD back (or front if it's a slim case) and if possible on the CD itself (sometimes jewel cases get lost.). Don't get all fancy with the CD label so as to preclude this. We don't need pretty clouds, flowers or bunnies, etc. Again, be very neat.
What to Include
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