Creative Services

You have had your first album cover designed since junior high, right? Well, the Creative Services department of your record label is made up of the people who are going to make it real -- or shoot it down, depending on your idea. In tandem with your product manager, the creative services department is responsible for the creation of all the visual elements that go along with your album's release. Beginning with the album cover and package design -- including single covers, posters and other display material, logos, advertising, stickers and more -- all fit together cohesively with your album art. One of the very first steps in the process of your album release (sometimes even before having a product manager assigned) is a meeting with the head of the Creative Services department. This person will already know lots about you, having heard your music, read your bio and formed an idea of who you are. This person will come to the table prepared to discuss the ideas that he or she has already formulated, will introduce you to the art director that he/she has chosen to work on your project, and gently suggest a direction for your artwork/album cover based on their initial thoughts. Then you'll hit 'em with the idea you've had since junior high. Your precious idea might just work. But remember that these people are trained professionals with an eye for what works and what doesn't. There are many factors to consider when designing an album cover, and you will learn a lot about it. And even though the bass player in your band is a graphic artist, or your friend from high school designed your logo, it is best to at least listen to and consider what the creative department at your label has to say. At this point, you way want to review the StarPolish section on Presentation Materials, which deals with related issues.
The Photo Session
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