The Personal Management Contract

Editor's Note: Since there are complex legal intricacies within a management agreement, we strongly suggest that you read this content from start to finish the first time, and repeat with subsequent readings for a proper study and deeper understanding. For ease of later reference, however, here is an outline with links to the various subsections. Introduction The Management Agreement I. Exclusivity A. Scope of Exclusivity B. The Manager Is Not Exclusive to the Artist C. The Manager Is Not a Licensed Talent Agent II. Term A. Length of Term B. Performance Criteria III. Commission A. Rate of Commission B. Definition of "Gross Compensation" C. Deductions From "Gross Compensation" D. Commissionable Product E. Expenses IV. Accountings and Audit Rights V. Breaches VI. Power of Attorney VII. Assignment VIII. Warranties and Representations IX. Artist�s Assets X. Remedies A. Specific Performance B. Suspension XI. Group Members XII. Notices XIII. Interpretation of the Agreement Conclusion Form Management Agreement
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