Form Demo/Development Deal

This form Demo/Development Deal is provided for educational purposes only, to enhance your understanding of StarPolish's analysis of Demo Deals and Development Deals. You should not use it-- or any other fill-in-the-blanks, template-style form-- as your actual demo/development contract. All contracts should be uniquely tailored to reflect the specific needs and circumstances of the negotiating parties. Therefore, each party should seek the advice of an attorney experienced in the music industry to draft and negotiate the demo/development agreement. This demonstration recording agreement is entered into as of this date between Record Label X ("Label") and _______ ("you"):         1.        Delivery Obligation: You agree to deliver to Label three (3) separate Demo Recordings. You shall deliver these Demo Recordings with the acknowledgement and understanding that Label has an option as set forth in paragraph 3(b) herein below to enter into an agreement for your exclusive services as a recording artist. You will deliver the recordings to Label within thirty (30) days following the date of this agreement. The songs to be recorded and the individuals who will produce them will be selected by you in consultation with Label.         2.        Advance: Label agrees to pay an amount of five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars to produce the Demo Recordings, one-half (1/2) of which will be paid when recording commences and the balance promptly after you deliver the Demo Recordings to Label and acceptance of those Demo Recordings by Label.         3.        Grant of Rights/Option:
a. By signing this document you agree that: (i) you will transfer all rights in the Demo Recordings to Label; (ii) you will not negotiate or enter into any contract for your recording services with a company other than Label until at least two (2) months after you deliver the Demo Recordings to Label. b.
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