Analysis of a Recording Contract
By Andrea Goode Barber
Table Of Contents
Introduction 01) Definitions 02) Term 03) Recording Services 04) Distribution Agreements 05) Recording Procedure; Delivery Standard 06) Recording Costs 07) Rights 08) Name and Likeness; Merchandising 09) Sideman Exclusion 10) Side Producer Exclusion 11) Marketing Restrictions 12) Release Commitment 13) Advances 14) Tour Support 15) Compensation 16) Royalties 17) Musical Compensation Licenses 18) Accounting 19) Warranties, Representations, Restrictions and Indemnities 20) Legal and Equitable Relief 21) Notices 22) Failure of Performances 23) Assignments 24) Miscellaneous 25) Conclusion
Most aspiring artists dream of a recording contract with a major label, believing they will have then won the lottery and will go on to make millions of dollars. But the reality is there is a long tough road ahead even for those artists that do eventually acheive those goals. I always jokingly tell clients to that getting a record deal is when their problems and hard work are just beginning. No matter how strong your feelings about big corporations and remaining independent, and despite it being the age of the Internet sales and CD burning, there is still no substitute for signing to a major label.