Music And The Internet

You probably already realize the power and influence of the Internet. Just five years ago the World Wide Web was not much more than a collection of bulletin boards. At the time of this writing, there are over 242 million people online, and tens of millions of websites are thriving in cyberspace. Obviously, the Internet can be a powerful tool for you and your music. To think that someone in Bali could have access to your music as easily as someone in Baltimore is exciting-- the trick is making your web presence stand out. It's hard to get noticed in such a big crowd! Then, once you are noticed, you need to make people care. People in Bali may, by chance or by design, stumble across your site, but they certainly will not download your music or buy your CDs by chance-- they are only going to do that if you can convince them that that's what they want to do. Bottom line is, it's easy to create a presence in cyberspace, but to create a successful presence requires a lot of effort both on and offline. It requires a working knowledge of the Internet, of site building, of the psychology of how and why people use the Internet. It's not easy, but in the next few sections I'll try to point you in the right direction. Keep the following mantra in mind as you read this section and as you venture out to create your Web presence:
Build your foundation by building a quality site, and then promote the hell out of it.
If you begin to feel completely overwhelmed while reading this section, don't give up. Don't assume that you "just don't get it" or that you're "just not a computer person." Learning this stuff takes time, and it can seem awfully daunting at first. But the more you learn, the more you will understand, and the more control you will have over your web presence. And the more you can control, the greater your success will be. So instead of giving up, study this section carefully, and if necessary also get yourself some books, take a class or two at your local college, and/or have a web-savvy friend show you the ropes. There are even online tutorials and software programs that can teach you Web basics and site building.
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