Music And The Internet
CyberMarketing And Promotion

At this point, your site is well underway. You've created a fabulous website that will impress all who see it, that will bring you, your music and your product directly to your users. The question now is: how do you get people to actually come and visit your site? How do you turn your site into a promotional vehicle? How do you create a truly pervasive presence for yourself online? Sadly, creating a great website is not enough. The purpose of your site is to get people interested in your band, your music and your product. The point is to attract users and feed information to them. The site serves to feed the info; you must do marketing and promotion, both online and offline, in order to attract the users.
After you've created your site, the first crucial step is to get your site included on all of the major Internet indexes and search engines. That way, when a user searches for "Sacred Baboon" on Yahoo! or Excite, he/she is going to get your site URL plus description listed prominently above the 2000 other sites that make reference to that same phrase. This is a huge step in the promotion of your site, and if done well it can yield fabulous results. But it's not a simple process, so get ready to do some work. Just to clarify, an Internet index is not the same thing as a search engine. But the difference is a pretty thin line. The distinction is not so much how they operate for the end user, but how they function internally. A search engine (such as Excite or GoTo) works by sending out a "spider" to find as many documents as possible that fit the search criteria. Search engines are, for the most part, highly automated. Indexes (such as Yahoo! and the directory) rely on human editors to choose, rank and classify documents. What this means to you is that you're going to need to perform a variety of different tasks in order to ensure quality placement in all of the top search engines and indexes. Start by readying your site for the submission process.
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