Promoting and Developing Your Career Using Peer to Peer Networks (READ DISCLAIMER!)
Introduction + DISCLAIMER

DISCLAIMER: I WROTE THIS ARTICLE IN 2000, when Napster was a very different animal from what it is now (and it was accordingly being sued by almost every major record label on the planet!) and the use of Peer to Peer Networks like Napster and Gnutella were, in my opinion, a tremendous promotional vehicle for developing artists. But in these days of "Web 2.0", my how the times they-have-a-changed. I would argue that you're better off spending your efforts focussing on community-based destinations, like MySpace, Facebook and the like (and including places like YouTube, which aren't strictly community destinations). That being said, I still like this article as a record of a different Internet age... And many of the pricnciples will still apply to your new media marketing efforts... So if you've got the time and the interest... read on! - Vivek J. Tiwary, 2007 In early October 2000, I made a strong statement in favor of using peer to peer -- at the time predominantly Napster-- as a promotional tool and distribution model during a discussion on the "pho list"-- a popular, usually sophisticated discussion group on digital entertainment issues. Shortly after my post, I was called to task by one of the other pho members-- "As it is, what is the advantage of using Napster?" I wrote this article as a partial answer to that question. I say "partial" only because the complete answer doesn't exist yet. File-sharing technology (i.e. Peer-To-Peer or "P to P") needs time to grow in order to prove its full effectiveness. As it grows, there will be more and more innovators who create new applications and discover new ways to use the existing tool as a marketing/promotional vehicle. But this tool is already a great promotional and developmental vehicle; it's just being underutilized by emerging artists. What most needs to happen is education and application on how to use P to P to promote and expose new talent/your act. As I always say with marketing initiatives, the best ideas are the creative, unique ones you come up with yourself. But below are some suggestions on how to immediately begin promoting yourself and developing your career using P to P, to get you going.

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