A DJ's Guide to Self Promotion
When aspiring DJs approach me for advice on how to make a name for themselves, I know they are looking for the short answer -- a sentence or two from the mouth of the guru. They want the clouds to part and angels to sing while a giant light bulb goes on over their heads. They want me to give them the magic key to unlock instant fame and a pile of cash. So I give it to them: "Work your ass off, kid," I say. "That's what I did when I started, and that's what I do now." It amazes me how so many would-be DJs display a complete lack of imagination and elbow grease when trying to get their name out. Technology for communications is available to so many people, but they'd rather watch TV. Well, turn that crap off and get yourself on the Internet and look around. This very site is an excellent example of the kind of resources available to motivated artists -- but you have to seek it out. Knowledge and power aren't going to come after you. You really can do anything you want to do - that's not some Disney bullshit - that's real. So you want to be a DJ, huh? You are in for a hell of a ride. Blood, sweat and tears are the romantic parts. There's also frustration, politics, despair, nasty, horrible people, manual labor, jealous sniping, brick walls, assholes, exhaustion, requests for the electric slide, defeat and that horrible feeling in your stomach when you are on stage -- completely unprepared -- with hours to go before you can crawl under a rock, and you are dying a slow, painful, embarrassing death as an empty dance floor mocks you and tacky girls shout at you. At that moment, which feels like it lasts for three days, you know with absolute certainty that you suck. Don't despair, DJ -- there's some good news. I'll tell you one very important little secret. This one really is magical although it's not quite a get-rich-quick scheme. Here it is:
"You do not have to be the most talented DJ to succeed."
You do not have to be the most talented DJ to succeed. You don't even have to be close. You just have to stick with it and not give up. Never give up and keep on pressing forward even when it seems that nothing is happening at all, your bank account is empty and your friends shake their heads sadly at you and sigh.
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