Film Scoring Deal Memo

NOTE: This film scoring memo is provided for educational purposes only, to enhance your understanding of StarPolish's analysis of a Film Scoring Contract. You should not use it-- or any other fill-in-the-blanks, template-style form--as your actual contract. All contracts should be uniquely tailored to reflect the specific needs and circumstances of the negotiating parties. Therefore, it is vital that each party seek the advice of an attorney experienced in the music industry to draft and negotiate the management agreement. Also, this is a simple deal memo - more complex contracts can be found at the resources listed in the main article, Film Scoring 101. Date RE: Ron Composer / "Untitled Film" The following will set forth the basic terms of our agreement to furnish to __________ (Company) the services of Ron Composer (Composer) to package the musical score for the film referenced above: 1. SERVICES To package the score for "Untitled Film" including all costs incurred in the recording and delivery of the master, excluding the following costs:
A) Music Editors (other than those employed by Composer)
B) Mag stock and transfers, including transfers of any kind
C) Licensing of music not composed by Composer
D) Re-scoring i.e. re-recording required for creative reasons outside control of Composer after delivery of the master
E) Lyricist and vocalist related expenses required by Producer
F) Pre-score (other than that agreed upon by Composer)
$15,000 upon commencement of services
$10,000 upon delivery of music master recordings 4. SCREEN CREDIT.
Main titles on a separate card to read: quot;Music Composed by Ron Composer"

5. PAID ADVERTISING. Credit as set forth above in Paragraph 4 to appear in all paid advertisements. All monies and correspondence should be directed to: Ron Composer
Composer Company Name
Carbon Copy to:
Lawyer and/or Agent/Manager
Ron Composer is affiliated with ASCAP/BMI (Composer Company Name).
Social Security No/Federal ID No: Best Regards, Music Agency
o/b/o Ron Composer Agreed and Accepted: Signatures
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