Fourth Time''s the Charm
A Case Study in Recording Your Music
When the session was finished, I was inevitably disappointed with what I had produced. There are a couple of things I could have done to avoid these problems. One would have been to really practice the songs before I went in there, making sure my vocals and piano work were solid. I should have gone to bed early the night before, awakened early, and had a really good vocal warm-up. If I remember correctly, I was drunk the night before. Most importantly, I should have spent some time thinking about these songs and how I wanted to express them on tape. Even now, years after I wrote those songs, I can see them differently and come up with new interpretations of them. Maybe some of these different interpretations would have found their way onto my tape.
DEMO RECORDING 2 - Fall, Winter 1996-97
TOM KITT (Again, self-titled) ANONYMOUS STUDIO - USA Five Songs - piano, bass, guitar, drums, keyboard, vocals It had been three years since my first failure, so I decided I was again ready to make my record deal happen. Armed with better songs, a full band, and a deeper voice, I again entered the studio with dreams and aspirations. There were some very nice things on this recording. The instrumental parts came out well, the background vocals were really nice, and the production was pretty smooth. Unfortunately, there were more mistakes that eventually brought the project down. Again, I came into the studio vocally unprepared. I didn't warm up before these sessions, and this (almost) proved extremely costly when one evening I felt a twinge in my vocal chords. Read about any singer with nodes on their vocal chords and you will understand just how scary this is. Luckily, it was only irritated and all I needed were some antibiotics. Besides the discomfort, my voice had no style to it. Because I hadn't been working on these songs vocally, my performance was flat and uninspired. There wasn't anything in the performance that would have pricked up anyone's ears. In addition to the vocal problems, the songs didn't feel like completed works. The musicians who played and sang on this recording had never played these songs together. No one had any idea what sort of personality these songs should have. When listened to, the songs did not generate any sort of emotion, even though I felt strongly about them.
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