The Music Attorney
Unfortunately, merely identifying and obtaining a talented music attorney to represent your act can be a hurdle in the development of your career. But it's an important hurdle to cross as early as possible. The top lawyers can be as hard to reach as major-label A&R execs ("Artist and Repertoire", or talent scouts), but the good news is that the means for getting to them is similar: Networking. Personal references are generally the best route to finding a good candidate, but also go through the StarPolish Database for music-attorney references. Ask everyone you know for references for good music attorneys. If you are friends with other artists in your hometown (especially those who are further down the line in their career than you are), start with them-- they may be able to recommend attorneys they have already worked with and trust. Also solicit music attorney references from every music-related person that you are connected to, and work your way out from there. Once you have a list of music attorneys you'd like to approach for representation, review our section on presentation materials and send out presentation packages soliciting their legal representation. Follow up on these mailings with phone calls or e-mails, but be careful not to cross the line between being persistent and being annoying. Have patience and stay with it. Keep in mind that just as with any other member of your team, there are tradeoffs between different levels of attorneys. For the most part, the really high powered, well-known attorneys are not going to be able to devote the same kind of time and attention to developing artists that a lesser-known and often younger attorney will. They will also be much harder to reach and will be more expensive. On the other hand, those high powered lawyers can get things moving with much less effort.
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
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