Music And The Internet
Creating Your Official Site
(Of course, on top of all this, keep in mind the considerations listed in the Names section of StarPolish.) This may all sound rather extreme and perhaps counter intuitive to the creative naming process, but the Internet is truly one of the most profound promotional tools available to you. It's worth the effort. A final point you may want to consider is how your name will literally look on the Internet. For example, there's currently a band called ".And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead." An interesting name for a band in and of itself, perhaps good for it's curiosity value-- but what a crappy domain name that would make. Not to mention what a pain it would be to spell: On a web page or listed in a directory, It's just too long. (Turns out their official site is Of course, you may already have a name that you've been performing under, and it doesn't make sense to change it at this point. Or, you may simply be in love with a name and you feel that you really, really, really must use it, Hindi web portals be damned. OK. You may be creating a more difficult situation for yourself Internet-wise, but the right name is most likely worth it. So what do you do? What I do not recommend is settling for second best-- in other words, registering the domain instead. Not only would this inevitably lead to confusion, it's also just so obvious that you couldn't get the .com so you went for the .net. It's not terribly creative. What you want to do is come up with something that your fans (both kinetic and potential) will remember and "get." Keep in mind that you can register more than one name and have all names point to the same IP address. An IP, or Internet Protocol address is the true, numerical address of a site. Domain names were created so that we don't have to go around memorizing long numbers like 456.65.158.973, a typical IP address. So let's say that you discover that is available, as well as and Snap 'em all up. You can direct all those names to the same place.
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