Film and Television Soundtracks
In other cases, films are shot and edited before being screened for record companies so soundtrack executives can determine whether a deal makes sense for their particular label, as well as to spot the film for the number of "music cues" or song spots there are in the film. But going into the process, it is important to identify the players in the mix and what their particular roles/goals are for a project. The film studio music executive is hoping to get the best possible music for the film, while convincing a record company to pay for as much of the music as possible, and hopes to create a tie-in that will sell records and look good for the studio. The film's director is mainly interested in serving the film, and sometimes acts as a roadblock when it comes to music execs who attempt to jam the film with songs that might promote the film well, yet don't play well in the picture. The record company soundtrack exec is only interested in making a great record and getting as much music from the soundtrack into the film as possible to aid in record sales. Some of you may have noticed soundtracks in the stores that say "music inspired by the film," which denotes that none or a limited amount of the music found on the CD is actually in the film-something that is looked down upon by the music community and also has proved to be historically more difficult to sell at retail since the moviegoer doesn't have the point of musical reference from the film to run out and buy the record. Finally, the film's Music Supervisor is the true diplomat of the group, interacting with all the various other individuals to ensure that everyone remains happy in the process. He/she must serve the film, yet be conscious of the agendas of the studio, label, director and producer all at the same time. A very difficult job indeed, for oftentimes the agendas are very different, and the politics surrounding the agendas can create a sea of controversy that can become quite difficult to navigate. Think about how hard it is to find five people to agree upon one song in any situation.
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