Promoting and Developing Your Career Using Peer to Peer Networks (READ DISCLAIMER!)

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1. Singles And Spring Cleaning

The first thing you will need to decide is which songs to publish on P to P Networks. The smartest thing to do is start with one or two songs that have received the most favorable reaction from your fans and friends. When choosing these songs, think of P to P Networks as a massive radio station (with millions of listeners) and the tunes you're putting up as your "singles."

Next, do some spring cleaning-- publish all the songs you know won't wind up anywhere else. For example, songs you recorded but realize aren't appropriate for your upcoming album because they don't thematically fit with the rest of the material you're planning on putting on that recording. Songs that are demos or live tracks. Acoustic versions of electric songs or electric versions of acoustic songs. And so on. Even if these songs aren't perfectly recorded or produced, they are appropriate for P to P. The P to P communities don't always expect perfect downloads and are therefore more forgiving of less-than-perfect sound quality. Of course, I would never recommend putting up material that isn't good--but every artist has recordings he or she is personally fond of but knows won't ever wind up on a CD or on a traditional radio station. These songs belong on P to P. Give fans and potential fans something they can't get elsewhere. These tunes epitomize the concept of the promotional song-- a song that won't be commercially available (i.e. made for sale), but can be used to help expose your music and your act. When publishing these songs on P to P Networks, name them clearly as such-- add the word "demo", "live track", "bootleg", "acoustic version", etc. to the file name. The file name, of course, should include the name of the song and the name of your band: e.g. "My Band - This Song - Bootleg Version"

Note that I also recommend making these promotional tracks available for free download on your act's personal website. The folks coming to your website will, for the most part, be your fans. It's important to make them feel that they can come to you directly for your music and need not to go through another conduit like P to P.

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