Creative Services
After a general concept is established and agreed upon, your art director will call in "books" of photographers for you to consider for your first photo session. An array of photographers' portfolios will be strewn before you. It might seem intimidating or impersonal, having to choose a photographer who is supposed to encapsulate your very soul from a pile of portfolios. But it's really a fun and natural process because you will instinctively gravitate toward one or two of them based on a look, a feel, the content or the presentation of the book. Your art director will talk to you about your options and tell you a bit about each photographer as you're making your decision. Once you have made this momentous decision, you will have a meeting with your photographer, your art director and perhaps a stylist. The photographer will talk to you about locations, backgrounds, color, lights, sets, props, etc. The stylist will talk to you about clothes, style, hair, makeup (or lack thereof). Your art director will lead you through this whole process and help you ask the right questions and make the right decisions.
Package Design
After you have approved a nice big fat selection of both black-and-white and color photos from your fabulous photo session (your company needs lots of approved photos for publicity, posters, website, etc), the process of designing the package begins. By this point, you and your art director will have already discussed cover concepts ad nauseum, so he or she will have a clear direction. You will be shown four or five comps (composites - a word that goes back to the cut-and-paste days of layout) of different design options for a cover, and you will choose one. Did you get that? You will choose one. You will not make the art director go back to square one and start all over again. You will not complain that he/she didn't understand what you meant by "light green." You will not change your mind now that you've seen it. You will not decide to change the album title and make us start all over again. You will choose one of the comps! All jokes aside, it's critical to get all opinions and ideas out and in the open before the comps are prepared. This will save everyone a lot of time, money, and potential aggravation. Now is the time to determine your CD package design.
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