Press consists of any written material that would garner publicity for you, your band members and your project. It includes record reviews, live show reviews, interviews, features, stories, mentions or even the running of a photo with a caption. There is no limit to the kinds of publications that publicists pitch to secure press. Here are some examples of the norm:
  1. Traditional national music magazines (Rolling Stone, Spin)
  2. Alternative national music magazines (Alternative Press, Bikini)
  3. Major daily newspapers (The New York Times, Washington Post)
  4. Entertainment weekly papers (Village Voice, The City Paper, Time Out, Creative Loafing)
  5. National lifestyle magazines (Gear, Details, Maxim)
  6. National fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle)
  7. National urban publications (Vibe, The Source)
  8. Teen magazines (Seventeen, Teen People, J-14)
  9. Musician magazines (Guitar, Guitar Player, Modern Drummer, Keyboard)
  10. Sports magazines with music sections (Snowboarder, Surfing, Skiing)
  11. Major city weekly magazines (Los Angeles, New York)
  12. Fanzines (regional DIY publications like Seconds, Lollipop, or Pit)
Your press campaign is tailored to your kind of music. If you're an alternative or rock band, most all of the music magazines and fanzines are appropriate. If you are a pop act, the mainstream publications, fashion mags and teen press would be appropriate. The local weekly publications are, however, appropriate for all genres.
Online Press
Just about every single major publication has an online division. Reviews, features, addenda, additional photos and other content can supplement a piece in the printed publication. But also, online publications are an additional source for press. See my section on Online Marketing.
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