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Finally, don't make your bio cute or goofy unless your act is cute or goofy. In brief, the style of writing should reflect your image. 3. Press Clippings - If you have received some impressive press reviews, include copies of only the best ones in your presentation kit. Neatly cut and paste a copy of each article onto plain paper, and note the name of the press account and the date of publication next to the article. If you've received a tremendous amount of great press, instead of including a few articles, you should create a one-page "quote sheet" of all the nicest things that have been said about your band and who said them where and when. If you haven't received any good press, do not include clippings or quotes. 4. Photos - Include one or two photos of your act. If you are including two photos, one should be in horizontal format and one in vertical, allowing options for potential reprinting: If a paper wants to reprint your photo next to an album or concert review, then depending on the paper's layout, one format may be preferable/necessary. If you don't provide that format, they may simply not include your photo. Finally, it is critical that the style of the photos be in line with your act's image. It's expected and acceptable for you to have a photographer friend shoot your first photos, but these photos must be a professional representation of your act. Be wary of using a photographer whose primary experience is shooting headshots for the film or modeling industries. Headshots are usually slick affairs that focus on capturing the good looks of the subject. That's what's needed for a film/modeling headshot, but it may be exactly the wrong vibe for your act. Your photos should capture the dynamics of your act, and as much as possible, hint toward the sound of your music. 5. Gigs And Venues - If you are a successful touring act, you may want to include a one-page list of impressive shows and places that you've played-- but only if these gigs and venues are indeed impressive. Upcoming shows can be included on this page and/or in your cover letter.
The Cover Letter
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