Radio Promotion
If you are a signed act, your label's promotion department should be making the calls to the commercial stations (and your manager should be making sure the label is on the ball with these efforts). On a related note, if you're seeking a record deal, look for a label with a promotion department that has a solid reputation and likes your music. Start with the StarPolish Database for references of radio stations in your target market(s), as well as the important contact information. However, I strongly recommend that you supplement whatever information you get from StarPolish with your own list that you compile from scratch. While we update our database often, the music industry moves quickly, new stations open up (and old stations change musical format) all the time, and contact information changes rapidly; so you may uncover new information in your target markets faster than we do. Also, remember that you are clearly not the only artist who will be using the StarPolish Database. You should strive to stand apart from other artists by working with a personal, more comprehensive list, specifically suited to your act. In other words, supplementing our database with your own radio list may be a tedious task, but it's worth the effort.
2. Servicing Radio and Radio Personnel:
Servicing college radio involves providing the station with full-length CDs and singles, and updating appropriate radio personnel with information on your act and developments with your career (new releases, upcoming concerts to add to the concert calendar, special promotions in the area, etc.). You should be in regular touch with your radio stations to ensure that they have everything they need. From time to time, you will want to distribute special promotional items (T-shirts, posters, keychains, etc.) to your radio contacts in an effort to get them more excited about your act. Servicing radio will involve a combination of regular phone calls-- most radio-station personnel keep office hours that you should respect-- and the occasional on-site station visit.
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