April 25, 2011

American Idiot Contest Winner, Evan Clementi on his backstage experience!

“I want to thank Tiwary Entertainment for the amazing experience they gave me on Friday 4/22/11. As an avid fan of American Idiot and an even bigger Green Day fan, when I heard about this contest I had to enter. I was ecstatic when I found out I won and to make it even more exciting finding out I would have the opportunity to go backstage after the show was mind blowing.

When my sister Cari and I arrived at the theatre we picked up our tickets and headed to our seats. The seats were great. They were 6 rows back in the orchestra. We even saw Billie Joe’s wife sitting a few rows down from us. The show itself was phenomenal. My sister and I were smiling the entire time. We were both sad when the show ended, but excited as we knew what was coming; a backstage tour.

As we walked through the ally and to the “man with the list” of those allowed backstage our excitement only grew. We met up with Tiwary’s intern Elisa, and the shows bassist Dan Grennes came out to get the three of us. While backstage we had the opportunity to walk onto the stage and see all the props. The whole experience was surreal. After taking a few pictures of the stage and with a few cast members Cari noticed Michael Mayer, the shows director and co-writer standing in the wings. The three of us went over to him to ask for a picture, but he was speaking with someone and we did not want to interrupt; so we waited. The person he was talking with had his back to us and even though we were standing right behind him none of us noticed who it was. After a few seconds we realized it was the one and only… BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG. We couldn’t believe our eyes. When the two of them finished speaking we had to opportunity to talk with them both a little and thank them for creating such a great show and to thank Billie whose music means so much to us. After speaking with them Billie signed some things I had brought with me and his son Jacob took a picture with the two of us with Billie and his wife Adrienne.

It was an incredible experience and I am so thankful to Tiwary and Dan Grennes for giving my sister and I this opportunity, it was something we will never forget.”