Tiwary Entertainment Group Consulting

TEG offers select consulting services to a limited number of individuals and companies interested in developing Broadway shows, immersive theatre or multi-media / transmedia experiences, film, television, or graphic novel projects– adapted from their IP, brands, ideas, or clients.

Spearheaded by Vivek J. Tiwary, we provide guided access to our highly evolved network, with deliverables based on individuals with experience in activation, implementation and execution across the lifecycles of the projects. And when necessary, we will provide the creative spark that develops the idea which becomes the project in the first place.

Our services can include:

Idea / Concept Design
Rights Acquisition
Creative Development
Proposal, Treatment, and Script Review
Team Building / Attachments
Securing Co-Producers / Partners (Publishers for books)
Project Production + Launch
Press, Marketing, Social Media
Ancillary Applications

For more information, contact Lenora Sumerling: