April 10, 2010

Addams Family…more reviews

“EYE-POPPING! A top-flight cast. Kevin Chamberlin is an adorable, oddball Uncle Fester! His lunar love song is a weird-whimsical blend of story, music and stagecraft!”
– Joe Dziemianowicz / The Daily News


“You’ll laugh a lot! The fantastically elaborate set evokes with gratifying exactitude the eerie parallel universe of the Addams cartoons.”
– Terry Teachout / The Wall Street Journal


“Entirely entertaining! Top-notch production values, gorgeous, witty sets and staging, and an even better cast.”
– Jesse Oxfeld / New York Observer


“A WONDERFUL NEW MUSICAL for the entire family!”
– Barbara Walters / The View


“THE AUDIENCE GOES MAD! Nathan Lane is sexy and suave! We can just say that he is the greatest comic male stage performer of our age. Bebe Neuwirth is perfectly glamorous! She is simply perfect as the chic and deadly Morticia!”
– Liz Smith


“THIS IS WHAT BROADWAY’S ALL ABOUT! We had such a good time. Call everyone you know – you’ve got to bring them!”
– Joan Hamburg / WOR