July 11, 2004

A Raisin in the Sun:

“Few plays have crystallized American history as pungently as ‘A Raisin in the Sun.’ And Kenny Leon’s production captures Lorraine Hansberry’s vision powerfully. Sean Combs exudes charm. Phylicia Rashad brings galvanizing strength and dignity to her role. Audra McDonald is rousing. Sanaa Lathan has joyful exuberance and sassiness. Alexander Mitchell could not be better. Teagle F. Bougere gives a marvelous performance. Bill Nunn has deep poignancy. And David Aaron Baker is splendid. As solid a piece of theater as has ever been written.”
– Howard Kissel / Daily News

“Raisin is the smash hit drama of the spring”
– The New York Times

“Let’s cut to the chase: Sean Combs is damn good! Audra McDonald is glorious, Phylicia Rashad is brilliant and Sanaa Lathan is Magnificent. Here is an American document of time, place and relevance.”
– New York Post

“A Raisin in the Sun is a hit, attracting a huge, new, young integrated audience to Broadway”
– Entertainment Weekly